MP49 - -M  
           Packaging and Case
= bulk packing
-IN = Insulator on the base and bulk packing
-IN/TR = Insulator on the base and in tape and reel
-TR = supplied in tape and reel
= Fundamental to 21MHz
-3OT = 3rd Overtone
-5OT = 5th Overtone
-7OT = 7th Overton
-AT = Fundamental
           Nominal Frequency in MHz
           Load Capacitance
4 to 32pF

           Case Condition
= Standard metal case
V = Vinyl covered case
           Lead Configuration
= Standard 2 lead package
L = With 3rd lead - case
           Package Configuration
= Standard package
G = SMD Gull Wing Package Configuration
           Operating Temperature Range
= 0°C to +70°C
E = -40°C to +85°C
H = -20°C to +70°C
           Calibation @25oC / Temperature Stability
= ±30ppm @ 25°C and ±50ppm over Temperature
B = ±30ppm @ 25°C and ±30ppm over Temperature
C = ±15ppm @ 25°C and ±30ppm over Temperature
D = ±10ppm @ 25°C and ±20ppm over Temperature
           Model Number
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