- -M  
= Fundamental Mode Only to 27MHz
-3OT = 3rd Overtone Mode
-5OT = 5th Overtone Mode
-AT = Fundamental Mode to 34MHz
        Frequency in MHz
10 to 150 MHz

        Load Capacitance
5 = Series Resonant -or- 6 to 32pF
8.0pF standard

        Leads formed into "Gull Wing"
= Standard Lead
G = Leads formed in an SMD format
        Temperature Range
= 0°C to 70°C
E = -40°C to 85°C
H = -20°C to 70°C
        Accuracy / Stability
= ±30ppm @25°C, ±50ppm referenced to 25°C
B = ±30ppm @25°C, ±30ppm referenced to 25°C
C = ±15ppm @25°C, ±30ppm referenced to 25°C
D = ±10ppm @25°C, ±20ppm referenced to 25°C
Metal Leaded Package

UM1 = UM1 metal case 8.1mm high
UM4 = UM4 metal case 4.8mm high
UM5 = UM5 metal case 6.0mm high
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